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What and how much your pet eats is an important part of their overall health and well-being. 


Feed them too much – or too little – or the wrong type of food for their individual needs, and your pet could face a whole host of preventable conditions. Proper nutrition is especially important to pets who have specific conditions, such as diabetes, kidney problems, and skin issues.

At Falls Road Veterinary Hospital, we help you keep your pet healthy and happy for years to come with our pet nutrition and diet counseling services.


What Is Pet Nutrition & Diet Counseling?

Just like people, pets need proper nutrition to be their healthiest. Pets who are fed too much, or fed the wrong types of foods, can become obese or malnourished, leading to a variety of potentially life-threatening conditions.

Nutrition and diet counseling for pets includes one-on-one consultation with your veterinarian regarding your pet’s current health, any concerns you may have, and their needs now and into the future. This will include a discussion of what types of foods are best for your pet, how much to feed them, and even how and when to feed your pet.

If your pet vomits after eating, for example, your veterinarian may suggest switching the type of food your pet eats, limiting the amount that is eaten to avoid over-eating, and even feeding in a different manner, such as spreading the food out on a plate, to keep your pet from eating too fast.

Your veterinarian looks at your pet’s health history and talks with you to determine if you have any specific dietary or nutritional concerns. In some cases, testing may be recommended to see if your pet has a condition that requires additional nutritional changes for best health. These tests can include blood, fecal, or urine tests.

If you have multiple pets with varying needs, your veterinarian works with you to find a solution that makes feeding your pets as easy on you as possible while doing what is best for each of your pets. 


When to Consider Nutrition & Diet Counseling

Your pet’s annual wellness exam should include a discussion of their eating and drinking habits, as well as, any changes to their routine or overall health.

However, if you notice that your pet is gaining or losing weight, acting sluggish, refusing to eat, eating too much, or has any other noticeable changes to their typical behavior and routine, you may want to consider nutritional counseling as part of an overall health check on your pet. 

Working with the team at Falls Road Veterinary Hospital can help you find the feeding routine that promotes your pet’s health and wellness. Help keep your pet in prime health for years to come – Call us at 301-485-5898 to schedule your appointment today!

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