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Cicadas And Your Pet


Falls Road Veterinary Hospital's own Dr. Amy Fauth was featured on the news discussing the impact of the upcoming Cicada emergence for your pet! Watch the video below, or read on to see the transcript.

Topper Shutt - "I don't know about your pets, but I call my girls 'goats'. Peaches and Cherry eat sticks, flowers, and of course, grass. So what's going to happen when Brood X emerges, and your pets have billions and billions of choices for a Cicada buffet? Well, let's go ask an expert."

Dr. Amy Fauth - "It's a brand new, exciting, I don't know, toy I guess."

Topper Shutt - "Dr. Amy Fauth works at the Falls Road Veterinary Hospital in Potomac. First question - are they dangerous to your pets?"

Dr. Amy Fauth - "No - but there's a caveat there. They're not toxic, these are not stinging or biting insects. It's the sharp outer body, which we call an exo-skeleton, and the sharp wings, that might irritate the GI tract as it moves through."

Topper Shutt - "Imagine pieces of chocolate springing up from the ground. I dare say some humans would gorge themselves - I know I would. And that could make your pets sick to their stomachs."

Dr. Amy Fauth - "We're going to see a lot of vomiting and a lot of diarrhea during Cicada season. Vomiting is a more serious sign in a dog or a cat, and that should be seen by a veterinarian. Diarrhea is maybe a little bit easier to treat."

Topper Shutt - "So, short of shot vacuuming your entire yard from early to mid-May through June, you're going to want to keep a close eye on your pets, and shut down the Cicada smorgasbord."

Dr. Amy Fauth - "There's a leash law, so in theory they're only going to be as far as the leash can extend. But if you normally let them roam around on their own in the backyard, maybe you put them on a leash during Cicada season."

The interview with Dr. Amy Fauth continues later on in the video:

Dr. Amy Fauth - "I have a daughter who is about to turn 18 this week, and she was a year and half during the last emergence. She as a toddler used to love to eat Cicadas!"

Topper Shutt - "But just like curious children, many pets will just want to play with them."

Dr. Amy Fauth - "So, they're fun! Especially for cats, cats go nuts over these. We used to have a dog who used to like to get the Cicadas into her mouth, and they make that buzzing, that major loud buzzing. And she would just hold it in her mouth with the buzz. She didn't really want to eat it, she just wanted the buzz."

So what's the takeaway on Cicadas?

  • Cicadas are not poisonous
  • Cicadas do not sting or bite
  • Dogs and cats will likely eat them
  • Eating too many Cicadas may make your pet's stomach upset

Dr. Amy Fauth - "Why can't we let them have a few Cicadas?"


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